Poll Shows A Possible “Red Wave” Is Coming

(JustPatriots.com)- Polling data showing a red wave across the nation, including in typically blue areas, has given Republicans more confidence. The data was presented by Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) communications director Andrew Romeo this past weekend.

The Republican State Leadership Committee works to elect Republican state lawmakers, lieutenant governors, secretaries of state, agricultural officials, and state judges nationwide. It is the Republican campaign arm that is associated with the state and candidate.

Romeo claimed that his research indicates that it is a “poor moment to be a Democrat, anyplace right now” while addressing the polling results for Nevada. He said voters are simply fundamentally allergic to Democrat power, so it’s a wrong time to be a Democrat” campaigning for office. They don’t like what they observe in Democrat-controlled states or the Democratic-controlled portion of Washington.

Independent and swing voters are sick with the current course of action. Every voter knows they are paying more and that Democrats led by Joe Biden in Washington are to blame. It’s the reckless spending out of Washington that has increased inflation.

Romeo said the Republicans are in a solid position and within striking distance of making significant gains inside the November elections and potentially flipping state legislative chambers, like in Oregon, Maine, and Washington.

Romeo indicated that the RSLC would be reevaluating its aims after noting that more states are flippable in light of the polls, which show positive trends for the Republicans.

Romeo said his results from Oregon, a state Biden won, are unexpected. The fact that he’s so far down is symptomatic of how strongly Democratic control is currently being rejected. Oregonians are tired of the Democrats’ inability to keep their streets safe and their lack of support for law enforcement. Because of this, public safety was ranked as the number one concern in that state out of the four that we polled. Thus, all of these issues have an economic as well as a public safety component.

The Democrats’ decade-long trifecta in the state is vulnerable going into November, according to polling data collected across Oregon. According to the survey, Republicans are doing well heading into the general election because people are concerned about the state’s growing cost of living and crime.

Here are the issues ranked amongst voters:

High cost of living and high inflation: 37%
overall economy: 16 percent
Crime and violence: 9%
Abortion rate: 8%
Environment and Climate Change: 7%
firearms: 7%
6% of total immigration
Election Rights: 5%
Employment/unemployment: 3%
3% of people are educated

Romeo declared that “it’s going to be a big, big year for Republicans,” stating that “Republicans are right on the policy of voters trusting them, and they just need to continue sticking to that message” as a result of the national battleground survey.