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Poll Results: Student Loan Program Eligibility for Illegal Immigrants

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We asked thousands of people whether they thought illegal immigrants should be eligible for student loan programs. The U.S. government subsidizes the administration of these loans with taxpayer money. This is a difficult question, so the results are more mixed than we’d expect.

28% of Americans think illegal immigrants SHOULD be eligible for student loan programs.
72% of Americans think illegal immigrants SHOULD NOT be eligible for student loan programs.

Part of the reason many people may feel that illegal immigrants should be allowed to take out student loans is because the interest rate on student loans is high, and they’re relatively safe loans for lenders. This money makes its way back into the U.S. economy in most cases. But that’s only if the borrower repays the loan.

What are some reasons illegal immigrants should NOT be given student loans? First of all, if they’re deported, they are likely to default on their loan payments. This makes an illegal immigrant a higher risk to lenders. Also, without a social security number, it’s difficult to track and ensure that illegal immigrants are paying their loans off or whether they qualify for credit in the first place.

The most likely outcome of an illegal immigrant getting a college education is that they return to their country and abandon their debt, leaving the taxpayers to pay for their education.

Would you vote yes or no on this challenging dilemma?