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Poll Results: Can We Save America

Can We Save America From the Deep State Without a Civil War?

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We asked thousands of people whether they felt we can save America without a civil war. Americans are constantly being pushed for change, both from within and from without. The result is a constant hyped stress level across the board.

With pressure for change from within as well as from the outside, civil war seems inevitable to some. The American Civil War of 1861 officially began as the Confederates attacked Union soldiers. But long before then, there was strife in America over many hot issues, much like there is today.

Although one of the main issues of the Civil War was slavery, it really boiled down to human rights and the economy, where changing the stance on one would have serious impact on the other.

Today, there are still human rights issues up for debate, and some of those do impact the economy. Mass shootings, immigration issues and conflicts over gender and marriage, are unfortunately common issues that face Americans today.

Diplomacy is and should always be the first step to resolution on a national level, but it may not always be the last. So, as an American, what do you think? America is in trouble, and we want to know if you think it can be saved without a full on civil war.

The results are in…

56% of Americans polled think we CAN save America without a civil war.
44% of Americans polled think we CAN NOT save America without a civil war.

These are telling figures. The majority of people think that America can be saved without a civil war. But the majority is slim. Not since the last civil war have tensions been this high.

We suspect that the majority of people who answer that we CAN NOT avoid a civil war also believe that they are up against an extremely covert and powerful Deep State embedded in every level of media, government and law enforcement. Regardless, it’s a daunting consideration.