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Is Joe Biden Draining America’s Bank Account?

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We asked thousands of people whether or not they felt that Joe Biden Is Draining America’s Bank Account? Big question. Originally, our government was designed to depend on our taxes to run all branches of government, the military and any designated government funded programs. However since 1790, taxes alone have been unable to keep up with the necessary funding, So, every admininistration since then has been printing money  to cover the deficit.

So what’s happening now in the Biden Administration? According to USA Today on May 28th, Biden’s 6 trillion dollar budget proposal, projects national debt rising past WWII levels – which have been the highest since our country began!

What does this mean to the working American citizen?

6 trillion MORE is a massive infusion of deficit dollars hitting our economy. Over this past year due to Covid, all businesses down stream from farmers, ranchers, and all manufacturing plants have either been shut down or greatly curtailed in their production and delivery of goods. So, now with the production of food stuffs and every other type of businesses just starting to come back, there’s currently way too much money chasing too few goods. As more and more Americans go back to work, prices will continue to rise and working Americans will find that their paycheck won’t stretch like it use to.

We’ve already seen these increases at stores selling durable goods as well as grocery stores, restaurants and, of course, at the pump. The pressure is clearly increasing and the fear is that it will effect the economy for generations to come.

The results are in…

63% of Americans polled think that Joe Biden IS Draining America’s Bank Account.
37% of Americans polled think that Joe Biden IS NOT Draining America’s Bank Account.

These are telling figures. The majority of people think that Joe Biden Administration IS Draining America’s Bank Account, and they believe that they and their children are the ones who will be paying for it.

What do you think?