Poll: Americans favor diplomatic engagement with Cuba

(JustPatriots.com)- A new poll just revealed how a plurality of Americans prefer that the United States initiate diplomatic relations with the communist state of Cuba. The study, which was performed by the online political platform “Moxy,” showed how 41% of respondents believe in engaging with Cuba diplomatically rather than maintaining current policies.

Some 35% of Americans also said that it should be easier for people of Cuban descent to migrate to the United States – a position that you might expect would be held by Democrats, but which might prove an attractive proposal to Republicans. Cubans would, naturally, be Republican voters who oppose greater government control and socialism…

Some 34% of respondents said that the United States should sanction Cuba for committing human rights abuses, and a further 33% said that increasing sanctions on the country is an important move.

Cesar Melgoza, Moxy CEO, said that 10 different policy measures were presented to respondents, and allowed those respondents to choose as many as they like.

The news comes as reports suggest that President Joe Biden is planning to expand America’s diplomatic efforts with Cuba. Last month, the Biden State Department allowed diplomats in Cuba to be accompanied by adult relatives, but there has not yet been a full implementation of normal diplomatic relations.

Don’t forget – Cuba regularly commits human rights offenses, abuses and intimidates dissenters, and is not by any means a representative democracy.

Florida, which is now firmly a Republican state, has a large number of Cuban residents who have increasingly thrown their weight behind Republican Governor Ron DeSantis.

Americans might believe in engaging diplomatically with Cuba, but the data from Moxy shows that it’s not a top priority for most Americans. When asked to rank diplomacy with Cuba on a scale of 1 to 5, which 5 representing a belief that Cuba is one of the top issues facing America today, there was an average score of just 2.74.

Among Democrats, that issue was slightly higher, at 3.01, while for Republican, it was 2.67.