Politico Gave J.D. Vance A 7 Hour “Deadline” At Dead Of Night

(JustPatriots.com)- According to a report, Politico published a hit piece on J.D. Vance, Ohio’s Republican Senate candidate, but refused to allow the campaign a proper amount of time to respond. When the Vance campaign responded, Politico neglected to publish its complete response.
Politico Playbook published a hit piece on Vance that focused on his alleged ties to Big Tech corporations.
According to Politico, Vance’s campaign did not reply to a request for comment before the piece was published but promised to add their comments once they did. Writer Ryan Lizza claimed in the article that the Vance campaign did not reply to a request for comment the night before, but if they did respond, it would be posted later on in the day.
But Politico’s request for comment came on Wednesday, just before midnight, less than seven hours before the report went online, according to GOP strategist Andy Surabian, who advises Vance’s campaign.

In a Tweet, Surabian chastised and explained Politico Playbook’s actions with his claim of photographic evidence of the messages.

He called it a 4-part story about “lack of journalistic ethics.”

The first part is the reporter asking for comment at 11:40 PM for a story that will publish at 6:30 AM the next day.

The second part is that the Politico writer claimed the campaign did not respond to him.

Third, Surabian claimed he did send an on-record response.

And last, Surabian claims the writer refused to run the complete response.

Politico reportedly sent an email to Vance’s campaign asking for a “follow-up” request for comment at 2:00 a.m. According to Surabian, his email back to Ryan Lizza said it was ridiculous for Lizza to wait until 11:40 P.M. to contact the campaign, expecting a reply by 6 A.M., with a follow-up at 2 AM. Especially when it was not a breaking news story, and the material had been available to Politico for over a week. There was no need for Lizza to have waited so long to contact for comment, explained Surabian.

The J.D. Vance campaign then released a blistering statement saying they believed reporter Ryan Lizza behaved unethically. It also accused Tim Ryan, Vance’s Democrat opponent, of colluding with Playbook to divert attention from his extremist comments on Fox News endorsing late-term abortion with no restrictions.