Piers Morgan Suddenly Ends Alex Jones Interview

(JustPatriots.com)- On Thursday, Piers Morgan abruptly ended an interview with Alex Jones, ten years after their famous CNN debate about gun control.

In an interview that was primarily interrupted, Jones joined Morgan on Piers Morgan Uncensored to discuss Sandy Hook, Islam in the U.K., and “transgenderism.”

One-fifth of the population, according to Morgan, believes that such tragedies are planned, and she enumerated some of the challenges that survivors of mass shootings face. He attributed this to Jones, who has been spreading these notions for over ten years. Recently, Jones was sentenced to pay $1.4 billion in damages to the families of Sandy Hook victims.

Jones yelled, “The judges declared me guilty. That’s illegal!” as Morgan tried to recount the tales of some of the family members.

Morgan was often interrupted by Jones when he brought up issues like “dead Iraqis” and “cops slaughtered by Black Lives Matter.”

Jones remarked that Piers was being dishonest.  “Here’s the deal.” “You stated one of your topics was Sandy Hook,” as Morgan continued to talk about the 2012 shooting and its aftermath.

Jones claimed that Democrats and the media had distorted his claims that the Sandy Hook massacre was fake. Before Morgan formally ended the interview, the situation eventually turned into a shouting fight.

Jones started to shout, and Morgan responded, “Utterly contemptible.”

Jones warned viewers not to allow Piers Morgan to rule their thoughts as he marketed his website and lamented that he could not talk about other subjects. What about the global government, the new world order, and human trafficking?

“You’ll never understand our First Amendment, I tell you!” Jones yelled. He said he was pleased Morgan was forced to return to England to live under the Islamic takeover, where individuals are being detained for opposing transgenderism.

“You are, once again, losing the plot, so I’ll have to say goodbye,” Morgan interrupted Jones’ tirade.

See the exchange HERE.