Peter Thiel Makes Very Important 2024 Announcement

Peter Thiel, co-creator of PayPal and early investor in Facebook, has announced that he had decided to support the probable presidential candidate and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, saying, “he would make a terrific president.”

Many believe DeSantis will announce a presidential run after the Florida Legislature adjourns. Florida has also passed a law allowing him to continue as governor while campaigning for the presidency. 

Thiel supported former President Donald Trump in the last two elections and has donated over $40 million to Republican candidates since 2018, according to an article in Forbes.

Thiel has said he will not be donating to Republican candidates due to their lukewarm response to the culture wars dominating the news recently. Thiel warned the GOP about the upcoming culture wars in a speech at the RNC in 2016. 

DeSantis feels that the fake culture wars detract from the current economic decline. He said that culture wars concern many people and have gotten worse due to statements from Donald Trump. 

Thiel has said that the same culture war arguments heard today are those he heard during his college days in the 80s and 90s. Things can be significant and a distraction within the ongoing culture war battle. 

Thiel explained that arguments made 25 years ago are still correct today. Focusing on identity politics and the woke culture detracts from the economy, and young people today may have difficulty attaining the same standard of living as their parents.

While Thiel thinks DeSantis would be a terrific president, he’s still concerned that the woke issue will not be strong enough to carry the day.

Thiel had considered moving his corporate offices from California to Florida. Still, the increases in real estate costs and doubling of interest rates along with taxes make a move too expensive at this time. Wokeness won’t offset those higher costs.

Thiel understands that DeSantis is reserved in his thoughts on our complex economic issues until the campaign begins. But he does feel that the economy will be the number one issue in 2024.