Peter Thiel Discusses Intolerance of Dissent

( Billionaire tech entrepreneur Peter Thiel delivered the keynote address at Sunday’s kick-off for the National Conservatism Conference in Orlando, Florida. And in his speech, Theil warned against “centralized misinformation” which he said is used to create a “fake consensus.”

Thiel explained that this problem of “centralized misinformation” is responsible for silencing debate on issues of national importance, including inflation, the US economy, COVID-19, and the situation in Afghanistan.

In his speech, Thiel described what he called the “incredible derangement of various forms of thought.” As an example of this, Thiel pointed out the experience of Stanford professor Jay Bhattacharya. After the professor voiced skepticism over the effectiveness of masks, posters of Bhattacharya’s face were plastered all over campus.

Thiel criticized what he characterized as “excessive dogmatism” in science, as epitomized by lawn signs homeowners place in their front yard declaring that their household believes in “science.” He explained that if you have to call things “science” then you know they aren’t science – citing as examples “political science” and “climate science.”

According to Thiel, this “excessive dogmatism” is also the reason the US government continued to pursue failed policies in Afghanistan for nearly twenty years.

Thiel also discussed the current economic situation in the US, arguing that, rather than inflation being temporary as the administration claims, the US is experiencing “runaway, non-transitory inflation” and worse, “the complete bankruptcy of the Fed.”

Concerning the current fight against “misinformation,” Thiel observed that if there is a problem with misinformation, it is a “centralized misinformation problem,” adding that this misinformation is “coming from the Ministry of Truth.”

Thiel suggested that nationalism is “an all-important corrective at this point.” He argued that nationalism is the corrective to the “homogenizing, braindead, one-world state that’s totalitarian.”

Thiel urged the other conference speakers to vigorously debate each other and avoid such “a fake consensus,” adding “I hope they will not agree with each other.”

Other keynote speakers appearing at this year’s conference included Republican Senators Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio, as well as Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance.