People Claim To Have A Close Relationship With “AI Jesus”

Despite grave warnings from decades of science fiction films, it’s hard to keep up with the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI).

The dangers are already confirmed. ChatGPT is wreaking havoc in classrooms and courtrooms. An Air Force drone outfitted with artificial intelligence has disobeyed its pilot by crashing into him rather than aborting its mission.

Now there’s another potential unforeseen problem. An AI chatbot broadcasting on Twitch’s gaming platform is trying to assist inquisitive humans in their quest for enlightenment.

Its name is “Ask_Jesus,” and the religious bot is available around the clock every day of the year.

AI Jesus introduced himself in a video clip of a recent livestream released to YouTube by Fara Jakari. 

IA Jesus said he was there to share wisdom based on Jesus’ teachings. AI Jesus would help to answer questions about spirituality and personal growth.

AI Jesus emphasized centering one’s life around Christian values like faith, love, and charity. The platform’s AI “recognizes” users by name, which creates a bond.

Writer Levi Winslow for describes how the AI gives earnest responses to questions about the meaning of life to questions about the birds and the bees.

AI The Singularity organization, founded in Germany, is credited with bringing Jesus back to life.

For some, the appeal of the Ask_Jesus bot is to see if they can get Jesus to answer silly questions, just for kicks.

Reese Laysen, the co-founder of The Singularity Group, said it’s a modern interpretation of Jesus, who always provides uplifting feedback, no matter the question. 

Kristen Davis is a senior software development manager and a recent doctoral alumna of Southern Evangelical Seminary. The topic of artificial intelligence was at the heart of her dissertation. She cautions against thinking of AI Jesus as a replacement for “Bible study.”

She said we should make sure we are following Jesus and not someone else’s version of him. People don’t need a Saviour created by robots. We only need to become closer to the real Jesus, the one who loves us and sacrificed himself for us.

Jesus shouldn’t be asked to give “gaming advice.”