Pentagon Memo Shows Trump Ordered January 6th Event To Be Safe

( Primetime investigation hearings by the House Democrats finished Thursday night where they started: unable to respond to crucial inquiries regarding the Capitol breach on January 6.

The biggest burning questions are-

Why would Donald Trump instruct the Pentagon to have a sizable military force prepared to end a disruption if, as his detractors claim, he intended to incite violence on that fateful day?

And why, in the face of intelligence warnings of impending violence, would a Democratic-led Congress reject the help of civilian National Guard troops?

Democrats admittedly put up the sessions to avoid such criticism. They ruled that any inquiries into Nancy Pelosi’s knowledge of the likelihood of violence on January 6 and when she knew it was off limits.

Secret Service officers were never asked to give a public deposition on the integrity of Cassidy Hutchinson’s account of Trump allegedly trying to compel his limousine to travel to the Capitol. Additionally, concerns concerning how Capitol security officials handled FBI and Homeland Security warnings about potential violence before the event were never raised, much less addressed.

Instead, the committee’s hearing on January 6 featured hearsay testimony from Hutchinson. It disseminated excerpts of transcripts or videos of testimony, denying Republicans or Donald Trump’s legal team the opportunity to cross-examine witnesses or contest the story presented to the American people.

Famous Harvard law professor and lifelong Democrat Alan Dershowitz remarked, “It’s the first time this has happened in my lifetime since McCarthyism, and it’s awful.”

Dershowitz, who voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election, said that the notion that they would interview this witness and permit her to testify based only on hearsay about the president swerving toward the wheel. In all his 60 years of legal practice, he has never heard of a lawyer doing that. Not only is it immoral and unjust, but it’s also poor legal representation.

Dershowitz claimed that with their performance, the committee’s Democrats and two anti-Trump Republicans, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, made it plain that they were “partisan fanatics” rather than truth-seekers.

David Sullivan, a former career federal prosecutor, claimed on Thursday that the entire accountability process on January 6 — including the Justice Department hearings and the congressional hearings — raised doubts about the fairness and gave viewers a reason to tune out what turned out to be “very scripted” interrogations. He claimed that if Democrats had allowed Republicans to present opposing evidence and engaged in genuine cross-examination, they probably would have garnered greater credibility and support.

Former Sen. Pat Sullivan says the hearings are “Stalinist” for those with an agenda to advance. The hearings are being conducted in a manner that raises constitutional questions. The inspector general’s (IG) report sheds light on the pre-January 6 thinking of the Democratic-led Congress, senior military figures, and local law enforcement. It discloses that key figures frequently voiced reservations about accepting the National Guard’s offer of assistance.