Pelosi Tries To Shut Down Allegations That Democrats Are Going Soft On Taliban With Shallow Announcement

( Last weekend, while Joe Biden hid out at Camp David eating ice cream, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, from her home in San Francisco, was praising Joe Biden for his masterful job in Afghanistan and issuing soft-serve “demands” to the Taliban.

As it became clear that the Taliban would take over Kabul, the pressure on the White House to drag Joe out of hiding became increasingly great. But Joe wouldn’t peek out from his hiding place. Instead, the White House issued a blame-shifting statement, claiming that the chaos Americans were watching unfold as the President hid was all the fault of former President Donald Trump.

And what does Pelosi do? She took to Twitter and said that the MIA president should be commended for his weak, excuse-making statement, claiming that Biden showed “clarity of purpose.”

If the purpose was trying to absolve himself of any responsibility, then yeah. It certainly was clear.

Then Pelosi expressed concern about reports of the Taliban’s “brutal treatment of all Afghans, especially women and girls.”

Of course, it was thanks to Biden’s “clarity of purpose” that the Taliban was once again in a position to treat “women and girls” brutally.

Pelosi also reminded the Taliban that “the world is watching.”

Yeah. And? Does Pelosi actually believe that the savages of the Taliban fret over optics the way Democrat politicians do?

The world is also watching the President of the most powerful nation on earth slowly turn into a corncob.

But Pelosi is more focused on her radical base of former Gender Studies majors and third-wave feminist Karens to actually take reality into account. She believes that wagging a finger at tenth century barbarians and demanding that “any political settlement that the Afghans pursue to avert bloodshed must include having women at the table.”

Ah, of course. The Taliban will get right on that.

If the fall of Afghanistan has showed the American people anything, it’s just how many lightweights populate leadership positions in the federal government.

Only a lightweight would watch the tragedy unfolding in Afghanistan and think the solution is lecturing a terrorist group about “having women at the table.”

Pelosi’s tepid, unrealistic statement, no doubt written by someone who was in elementary school when the war in Afghanistan began, exposed the abject rot in the Democrat Party. These people have no idea what the real world is like. They are naïve, narcissistic, and completely out of their depth.

Which might explain why, on Saturday as thousands of desperate people stampeded the Kabul airport, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was partying in NYC with his good friend Stephen Colbert.