Pelosi Says Your Vote Will Impact Your Life And Not Your Religion

Last Tuesday, California Democrat Nancy Pelosi lectured Americans on not to vote based on how politics might influence their religious faith but on how it influences their lives.

While interviewing Nancy Pelosi on “The Reid Out” last week, host Joy Reid asked the former speaker what advice she would give to Americans who are “frustrated by our politics” to convince them not to vote based on how a candidate’s politics may “impact your religion” but on how they will “impact your life.”

Citing a quote from John F. Kennedy, Pelosi said what religion she believes in isn’t important. What kind of country she believes in is what is important. She said this is the message Democrats have to be taking to the American people.

Pelosi also took potshots at Trump supporters, saying that many of those who “fell for what’s-his-name’s line” because they had no hope for the future. While she conceded that some Trump voters are patriotic, Pelosi said they are still “racist and bigots.”

The former speaker also attacked Congressional Republicans in the wake of last Monday’s shooting at a Christian school in Tennessee. She told Reid that Republicans should understand that “political survival” is nothing when compared to the “survival of our children.”

When discussing the Manhattan District Attorney’s case against Trump, Reid complained that politicians and media outlets are giving Trump “all the press he wants” by covering his tantrums over the case.

Pelosi brought up the January 6 Capitol riot, claiming the “pillar of democracy to the world,” was assaulted on that day all at the “direction of Donald Trump,” whom she described as a “very sick person.”

Pelosi agreed with Joy Reid, saying too much time is spent talking about Trump. She said it was more important to talk about the possibilities for the future, adding that Trump was “a real taint on our democracy” who must not be nominated for president again.

The former speaker added that the media has to stop giving Trump “all the press he wants.”