Pelosi Extends Unconstitutional Order

( Controversial Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi used executive power to extend the unconstitutional proxy voting system right through to July 3. The decision is hugely troubling and Republicans have repeatedly pointed this out.

House Republicans sent a letter to the speaker encouraging her to follow the science and allow elected representatives to “lead by example” and “fully return to work to serve the American people.”

“Ineffective remote procedures have hindered Congressional operations for too long and should not continue for the duration of the 117th Congress,” their letter added.

House Republicans said that they appreciate how the COVID-19 crisis has “yielded unprecedented circumstances” but reminded Pelosi that there is no scientific or public health need to continue entertaining the restrictive practices that will remain in place thanks to Pelosi’s unilateral decision.

Through proxy voting, Congress can function without representatives actually even being present. It allows members of Congress to give permission to a chairman, a ranking member, or even to another member to cast a vote on their behalf. It effectively makes it easier for representatives who do not want to be particularly present in Washington, D.C., to slack off.

House Republicans cited the guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that came last week telling fully vaccinated Americans that they have no requirement to wear a mask whether indoors or outdoors. Despite this, many Democrat governors and elected officials have insisted that people continue wearing them anyway.

Speaker Pelosi has not responded to the House Republicans who made the effort to reach out and express their concerns, but then again, why would she? If she can make it easier for her colleagues not to properly do their jobs without consulting anybody else on the matter, there’s no reason for her to listen to the Republicans…