Pelosi Doubles Down Ahead Of Elections Amid Bad Polling

( Pelosi’s been in this situation before; in years when Democrats won, lost, and then won again before this deadly cycle began, she wanted elections to be framed as either choices or referendums.

This time, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is promoting a “choice” election by highlighting a number of issues that are each distinct and real but, when combined, are almost unfathomably vast.

In an interview for the first episode of the Hulu series “Power Trip,” Pelosi told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, “The planet, the democracy, and the future for our children are on the ballot.”

That point is made when Pelosi’s Democrats deal with polls that reflect a particular political situation. According to the most recent ABC News/Washington Post poll, President Joe Biden’s support rating is still below 40%, and Republicans are still holding onto a very slim lead in the general congressional election.

Democrats find it more concerning that voters have the greatest trust in them on the subjects that are least likely to be identified as top concerns. Republicans have strong support when it comes to addressing inflation, the economy, and crime; according to an ABC/Post poll, 76% of those polled name inflation as a key issue, 84% name the economy as a top concern, and 69% name crime as a top concern.

Abortion rights are a topic where Democrats have a significant edge, but according to only 62% of respondents, it’s a major concern. Another area where the party has unequal trust is climate change, but just 50% of people think it’s a very important problem.

Pelosi said that they are aware that the public supports the Democrats. The only thing left to do is have them cast their vote.

According to polling, she has a good case in some areas, and Republicans have vulnerabilities that could take center stage over the next six weeks.

Florida’s storm season is in full swing. Some of the state’s most important political contests may be upset by storms and the storm response.

Rep. Val Demings traveled to Puerto Rico over the weekend to assess the devastation caused by Hurricane Fiona. Demings demanded that the Federal Emergency Management Agency pay for the island’s response costs. Puerto Rican voters in Florida may support Demings and Rep. Charlie Crist more due to their public commitment to the island.

It seems the answer for the Democrats is blowin’ in the wind.