Paul Sperry Wants To Know Why Robert Mueller Isn’t Under Investigation

( For years, the FBI and DOJ pursued President Trump based on falsehoods and fabricated evidence.

Now, the newest developments in the Durham case involve Igor Danchenko.

According to reports, Igor Danchenko was an FBI informant who lied about the contents of the Steele Dossier, which the DOJ-FBI utilized to begin an investigation against then-candidate and, later, President Trump.

Danchenko believes that the FBI knew the Steele Dossier was a forgery in January 2017, yet the DOJ initiated the Trump Spygate Special Counsel investigation. It was all an attempt to stage a coup and depose President Trump.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who led the investigation, was aware that there was no evidence to support the inquiry into Trump, yet he continued to look into the hoax for another 18 months.

According to Paul Sperry of Real Clear Investigations, the latest court filing by Durham shows then-Special Counsel Mueller flew FBI agents and others on his team to London in a last-ditch attempt to persuade Steele to confirm his dirt on Trump. Mueller’s team interviewed the dossier author for two days in September 2017. As a result, Mueller decided not to renew the dossier-backed FISA wiretap on Trump adviser Carter Page.  He closed down the dossier portion of his investigation in November 2017, when Danchenko finally admitted he never met with the source of the dossier’s core allegations and made up everything he attributed to his invented source.

Reports show the new court filings reveal that Robert Mueller relied on the debunked Steele/Danchenko dossier as the roadmap for his investigation, only to discover that the dossier’s core allegations of Trump-Russia collusion were fabricated by Danchenko. So why didn’t Mueller notify the FISA Court that the information used to apply the wiretap renewal on a Trump adviser was fabricated? Why didn’t he admit his warrant was invalid? It was later found invalid by the court.

Why didn’t Mueller prosecute Danchenko for perjury?
Why Isn’t Mueller himself being investigated for the Russia hoax?