Patriotic Father Is Officially Running For Congress

( Remember the Loudoun County father whose “Figure it out!” speech at a school board meeting went viral in 2021? Well, that man’s name is Brandon Michon, and during a segment on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Wednesday, he announced his intention to run for Congress to represent Virginia’s 10th District.

In case you missed the original video, here it is:

A father of two children, Machon grew angry over his children not being able to return to regular classroom learning during the height of the pandemic and told teachers to figure it out.

His Wednesday interview with Tucker Carlson was the second time he appeared on the show, after originally appearing with Carlson to discuss the viral video back in January of 2021.

We’re going to let parents have their voice back,” he told Carlson, adding that he’s happy to be jumping back into the race and to represent people who aren’t in the same position to speak up.

Machon’s campaign will also benefit from the fact that his first name is…Brandon. In a post on Twitter announcing his election campaign, Michon used the “Let’s Go Brandon!” phrase that has been used as a polite alternative to the original “F*ck Joe Biden!” slogan heard at sports games across the country.

With the Virginia public schooling system forming a key part of Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin’s successful campaign in 2021, Machon may also benefit from the fact that many parents across the state (and in his district) are concerned not just with the COVID restrictions put in place in many schools but also the teaching of Critical Race Theory in the classroom.

This time, Let’s Go Brandon might actually mean Let’s Go Brandon.