Passenger Jet Crashes With Everyone On Board

( A private jet carrying four people crashed into the Baltic Sea off Latvia on Sunday and authorities don’t know why.

The jet took off from Spain and was due to land in Germany but instead continued flying across Europe as air traffic controllers made unsuccessful attempts to contact the pilot.

According to the German air charter company Quick Air, the plane was carrying German businessman Karl-Peter Griesemann, who was piloting the aircraft, along with his wife, daughter, and his daughter’s boyfriend.

As air traffic controllers attempted to make contact, fighter jets from Germany, Denmark, and Sweden scrambled in an effort to contact the crew in the air.

Lars Antonsson, the Swedish search and rescue operation leader told AFP that the pilots saw no one aboard.

The chartered Cessna 551 took off from Jerez de la Frontera in Spain at 2:56 pm on Sunday.

The jet flew steadily until it reached the Latvian coast. There it rapidly lost altitude, crashing into the Baltic Sea off of Ventspils just before 8:00 pm when it ran out of fuel.

The Latvian aviation agency told the BBC that rescue teams from Latvia, Lithuania, and Sweden were searching the crash site in boats and helicopters. They found what they believe are three parts of the Cessna.

On Monday, Lt. Cmdr. Peteris Subbota from the Latvian military’s Marine Search and Rescue Coordination Center told the Associated Press that human remains believed to be from the crash were found by coast guard vessels and underwater robots.

Thus far, the underwater search has not located the entire plane, but authorities are confident it will be recovered since the water is only about 200 feet deep at the crash site and the seabed is easily accessible.

According to a Navy spokeswoman, some debris, including fragments of seats and luggage items have been recovered, and several body parts have been found.