Parents Charged After Child Overdoses On Fentanyl

A four-year-old boy from Golf Manor, Ohio, died from fentanyl on his birthday last November, leading authorities to press charges against his parents.

Authorities located and detained Denard Bishop, 39, on Thursday. Alexis Scarborough, 34, the child’s mother, was arrested days earlier.

According to local reports, the mom was visiting her son—whom she has no custody of—when the event occurred.

According to a report, the two adults are now facing accusations of endangering children.  The event at Denard’s Golf Manor residence on November 25 was recorded as child abuse by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in their criminal complaint.

Officers claimed in November 2023 that Bishop failed to provide adequate care for the young boy when the child’s mother was visiting.

In an affidavit, the police noted the boy gasping for air as he slept.  Inadequate oxygen intake causes a condition known as agonal breathing, which may be life-threatening.

Scarborough has entered a not-guilty plea. She was denied her lawyer’s plea for release on her own recognizance. Furthermore, she was instructed not to communicate with her children in any way without explicit consent. A bond of $10,000 was imposed.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is very effective in alleviating pain and providing anesthesia, according to the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

Respiratory failure, stupor, cyanosis, dilated pupils, cold skin, coma, and death may be caused by an overdose. Opioid intoxication is very likely when respiratory depression, coma, and constricted pupils are present.

A report shows Jelly Roll, a musician, spoke before a US Senate committee on the terrible impact of the fentanyl epidemic on the United States. He went public about his life and struggles with drugs, which landed him in jail. According to him, 190 individuals die every day from fentanyl usage, which is the same as a 737 airliner at maximum capacity. He wondered if reporting 190 fatalities per day would get much coverage in the national media.