Overseas Secret Service Nab Local Man On Inappropriate Child Photo Charges

(JustPatriots.com)- Police officers from Great Barrington, Massachusetts, have revealed that a search warrant was executed last week at 220 State Road, where a man was believed to be in possession of child pornography. Working with the United States Secret Service and State Police, officers arrested 54-year-old James J. Keough for possession of child pornography and distributing of photographs depicting nude children and other materials depicting children being forced to engage in sexual acts.

Keough was arrested and detained at the Great Barrington police headquarters and given $50,000 bail. He was arraigned on Monday, March 21.

In a statement, Great Barrington Police Chief Paul Storti described how the material was taken from an apartment at the 220 State Road address. Storti also said that Keough is not believed to have created the content, but instead found it only, downloaded it, and shared it with other users on the internet.

Officers were seen leaving the property holding large boxes of what was presumably child pornography or computers containing the material.

The statement also revealed that the investigation into Keough was relatively quick, and that it was performed after the Secret Service monitored his web activity.

We can be thankful that America’s police officers and other law enforcement agencies are taking this problem so seriously.