Officials Investigate Threats Against Jewish Cornell Students

The FBI and Cornell University police are looking into a spate of threats made against the Jewish community at the New York university.

The Center for Jewish Living, situated on campus at address “104 West,” was the intended target of the threats, which were posted on an unofficial website.

According to one of the threats, Jewish individuals should have their necks slashed, and rats from Cornell need to be exterminated.

In a social media post, the university acknowledged the threats and reported that the Cornell University Police Department was on the scene at 104 West. Students and staff are being asked to stay away from the building for the time being as a precaution.

The Cornell University Police Department issued a warning to the local community, stating that available information indicates the victimized areas were chosen on purpose due to the perpetrator’s prejudice.

Martha E. Pollack, the president of the school, also released a statement condemning the threats. The threats were reported to the FBI as a possible hate crime, according to Pollack, who claimed the police had informed the agency.

These threats came after Russell Rickford, a Cornell assistant professor of history, praised the Oct. 7 Hamas terror assaults in Israel as “exhilarating” and “energizing.”

A video showing a professor at the prominent institution, Russell Rickford, applauding a Hamas terror strike that killed 1,400 people went viral and brought him a lot of criticism.

According to reports, a spokeswoman for Cornell University confirmed that Professor Russell Rickford had been granted leave of absence.

After publicly berating the networks and calling on media outlets throughout the globe to do a better job reporting the devastating Hamas terror acts on October 7, Anti-Defamation League (ADL) CEO Jonathan Greenblatt revealed he had private meetings with MSNBC and CNN regarding their coverage of Israel.

Greenblatt has taken fault with more than just the leftist cable channels. He said that “Democracy Now!” should be changed to “Fascism Now” since it supports a detestable regime.