Ocasio-Cortez Says Facebook Blackout Proof It’s A Monopoly

(JustPatriots.com)- Every now and again, AOC appears to agree with conservatives…

Well, sort of.

Far-left New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez commented on the massive outages at Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp on Monday, claiming that it was a sign that the company should be broken up to stop monopolizing the Internet.

At 11am Eastern Time on Monday, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram users were unable to log into their accounts. It didn’t just mean that people couldn’t post photographs and share news articles online but meant that people who rely on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to communicate with one another were left unable to contact loved ones and colleagues.

It was the longest ever outage for Facebook since it was launched, with the last major outage coming in 2008 when the service was cut off for a whole day.

Responding to Forbes reporter Jose Caparroso tweeting that people in Latin America overwhelmingly rely on WhatsApp to communicate with one another, AOC said that she thinks it is Facebook’s “monopolistic mission” to “either own, copy or destroy any competing platform.” She claimed t it has “incredibly destructive effects on free society and democracy.”

Let’s be clear here: AOC is fine with online censorship. In fact, she thinks there needs to be more.

She went on to say that if Facebook’s monopolistic behavior had been reined in earlier, then “continents of people who depend on WhatsApp and IG for either communication nor commerce would be fine right now.”

Well, if you’re using Instagram for communication, then you should probably consider investing your time in a dedicated messaging app…

Nonetheless, her call for breaking up Facebook is a view shared by many conservatives. Even if the reasoning is different.