Ocasio-Cortez Accuses Joe Manchin Of Causing Flood Deaths

(JustPatriots.com)- Last week, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin tossed cold water on the Democrats’ plan to force through the obscene $3.5 trillion boondoggle masquerading as an “infrastructure” bill.

During remarks last week at a West Virginia Chamber of Commerce event, Manchin said that Democrats should hit pause button on the outlandish spending bill, arguing that the current “runaway inflation” and the rest of Biden’s economic blunders call for caution.

Manchin when on to repeat his arguments against the absurdly expensive bill in a Wall Street Journal op-ed last Thursday. In his op-ed, he laid out all his reasons for refusing to support the $3.5 trillion boondoggle until Congress takes steps to provide “greater clarity” about the negative impacts such a spending bill would have on the national debt, the economy and inflation.

And Joe Manchin’s reticence to offer his full-throated support for this pile of garbage is a huge problem for the far-Left “Progressive” tail that is wagging the Democrat dog.

Currently Chuck Schumer needs every single Democrat Senator to vote for this monstrosity in order to pass it using “budget reconciliation” which only calls for a simple 51 vote majority. With Manchin wavering, the bill’s future is in doubt.

This bogus “infrastructure” bill is chock full of Democrat wish list items including amnesty for illegals, “free” college and early child care, expanding Medicare, and, of course, aspects from the equally ridiculous Green New Deal. So Manchin’s calls for a pause did not sit well with the histrionic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

When the remnants of Tropical Storm Ida slammed into the Northeast last week causing flooding and a dozen deaths, the never-reasonable Ocasio-Cortez blamed the flooding and deaths, not on the weather, but on that dastardly Joe Manchin.

Ocasio-Cortez claimed Manchin was one of the Senators huddling with the fossil fuel industry in order to concoct the so-called “bipartisan” Infrastructure bill, and accused the West Virginia Democrat of killing people in the flooding.

She went on to accuse the fossil fuel industry and “dark money” of “destroying our democracy, country, & planet.”

Nobody would ever accuse Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of sensible, reasonable thought.