Obama Yells At Protestor For Interrupting His Event

(JustPatriots.com)- The 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, has just silenced a heckler who attempted to interrupt him as he was campaigning in Detroit on Saturday for Democratic candidate Gretchen Whitmer for governor of Michigan.

The former President resumed his speech about the importance of peaceful discourse and dialogue even as the audience broke into cheers and chanted “OBAMA.”

During the portion of his speech in which President Obama addressed the assault on Paul Pelosi, the 82-year-old husband of Nancy Pelosi, who is the Democratic Representative for California and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Obama spoke about the repercussions of the rhetoric coming from the right and the dangers of not condemning it.

Then, a guy heckler of unknown identity sought to intervene during the discussion.

As the camera panned across the varied audience, it zeroed in on a young white male who was heard ranting in President Obama’s general direction before being led away by security.

Obama stopped and began to talk over his heckler as the audience laughed and again chanted, “Obama.” Obama was making fun of Whitmer’s opponent Tudor Dixon and other Republican Party candidates just before the heckling.

Obama responded to the man’s yells, “Come on. “This is what I mean; we’re talking right now.”

As he often does, the former president tried to act as if he is dignified and traveled on the high road, forgetting that just moments before, he was ridiculing viable political candidates.

While president, Obama often flipped the bird at people while pretending to scratch his face.

Obama was crude, coarse, and thin-skinned, while the media pretended he was cool, collected, and smooth.

Obama is a media illusion.

The Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, is well aware of the dangers associated with hateful and conspiratorial discourse because she has been the target of death threats. She was the subject of a violent kidnapping conspiracy, in which members of the Wolverine Watchmen militia located in Michigan allegedly planned to forcibly remove the governor from her vacation home to torture and maybe kill her.

But, of course, a heckler is not like a kidnapper, even though many in the leftwing media would equate the two equally for political reasons.