Obama Spotted Maskless As He Lectures Americans On Safety

(JustPatriots.com)- One of the UK Daily Mail’s nosy-Parker photographers snapped a series of pictures showing former President Barack Obama talking to contractors outside of his beach house in Hawaii on Saturday. And apparently, he was “scowling.”

Stop the presses!

Obama was scowling!!!

And worse, he was standing outside of his own home WITHOUT A MASK ON!!!

Don’t the nosy-Parker photographers from the Daily Mail have anything better to do?

Who wears a mask in his own backyard?

There are plenty of reasons to be irritated with Barack Obama, but standing outside while maskless and “scowling” isn’t one of them.

According to the Daily Mail, the construction work on the Obamas’ Oahu beachfront home “has been mired in controversy.” And not just because Obama was caught “scowling.”

One “controversy” over the work being done on Obama’s $8.7 million compound is the century-old sea wall is remaining in place despite Hawaii introducing policies “designed to preserve Hawaii’s natural coastlines.”

While sea walls are designed to protect what is behind them, they do nothing to protect the beachside. Scientists and environmentalists say sea walls are the main cause of beach erosion in Hawaii, which is why over the years, Hawaii has enacted laws to stop the construction of sea walls.

Problem is, because of a loophole, the sellers of the property were able to obtain an easement on the sea wall provided they paid a one-time fee of $61,400 before selling it to the Obamas in 2015.

The easement grants the private owner a 55-year lease to the public land on which the sea wall sits.

According to the Daily Mail, over the last 20 years, 120 such easements were granted.

So, you see, it isn’t Obama’s maskless scowl that is newsworthy here.

Instead, it’s the fact that former President Save the Environment cares more about keeping a sea wall than preserving the natural coastline of his beloved Hawaii.