Obama Reportedly The One “Pulling The Strings” At The White House, Congresswoman Reports

(JustPatriots.com)- Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), a former member of the House of Representatives, blasted the Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance Board, alleging that former President Barack Obama is holding authority behind the scenes in the Biden administration.
After recovering from back surgery, Will Cain stood in for Jesse Watters Primetime on the Fox television. He spoke about the aforementioned board, which the Department of Homeland Security recently established. The panel is only an advisory body that attempts to assist department divisions in counteracting disinformation targeted at significant parts of the general public.
Many conservatives have taken advantage of the board’s formation to promote the notion that the Department of Homeland Security would target Americans who express opposition to the Biden administration.
Will Cain asked- “Is Joe Biden so extreme that he’s reliant on Orwellian measures to maintain control?”
He then implied that Biden is only a “frontman” for another Democrat candidate, and asked Gabbard if Joe isn’t really in control, then who is?
Gabbard said that it’s no surprise that it’s not just President Barack Obama but the entire Obama-Clinton machine. She said they have been in power for a long time and continue to pull strings behind the scenes in the Biden administration.
In terms of their ministry of truth, what’s even more concerning is that you have all of these Democrats supporting it. But also, there are strong Republicans behind it as well.
Gabbard said the board is effectively a ministry of truth and a propaganda department. It is made up of individuals who do not believe in the Constitution or freedom of expression and have no confidence in the American people.
“It’s something that belongs in a dictatorship,” Gabbard said.
A recent headline in National Review says it all-
“There Is No Ministry of Truth,’ Minister of Truth Confirms.”
“Trust us, we’re not going to use this to target Americans — our approach to policing disinformation will be ‘politically neutral,” says an employee of an administration that has routinely labeled inconvenient but factual news reports as “disinformation.”