Obama Removes Ability To Comment To His Posts Temporarily As Afghanistan Backlash Ensues

(JustPatriots.com)- Former President Barack Obama is having a rough time of it lately. After being relentlessly slammed for hosting a massive 60th birthday party bash in Martha’s Vineyard for all his famous friends – and causing a spike in COVID-19 infections in the region as a result – the former president has since been forced to suspend comments on his Instagram page after his old colleague Joe Biden botched the Afghanistan withdrawal.

On Monday, Obama was bombarded with so many Instagram comments from fans and followers demanding he steps in and do something about the failed withdrawal – that has seen thousands of Americans trapped in Afghanistan – that he simply turned off the comments.

If he can’t see the comments then the problem presumably goes away for him…

The former president can’t deny it, either. Visitors to the Instagram page, along with his wife’s page, were met with a message that said “Comments on this post have been limited.”

Hey, presumably Obama saw a few of them, and is presumably aware that Joe Biden has done a horrific job of safely withdrawing U.S. troops.

The Daily Mail managed to find some of the comments that prompted Obama to turn off the comment section, with most pleading with Obama to step in.

“Afghanistan needs your help. Please please help Afghanistan,” the commenter said.

Another said that the blood of Afghan citizens is on the hands of anybody who stayed silent in the face of oppression, and have since made friends with the Taliban.

That sounds like Joe Biden…

The chances that Obama is surprised to read all of this are low. Let’s not forget that during the 2020 presidential campaign, the former president was caught behind the scenes telling people not to underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to “f*ck things up.”

Since Obama turned off his comments, Afghanistan’s government officials have fled the country – including the president – and the Taliban has officially taken over the country once again.

Just another crisis caused by Joe Biden.