OAN Owner Reveals What’s Coming Next For The Network

(JustPatriots.com)- After being terminated by another major cable operator, One America News, the outspoken right-wing cable channel headquartered in San Diego may soon be battling for its life.

According to reports, OAN could not renew its carriage deal with Verizon, the final significant cable provider to carry the channel. The majority of OAN’s distribution was provided by DirecTV, which stopped carrying the channel earlier this year.

OAN was no longer available on Verizon’s Fios TV service as of July 31. Verizon verified this in a statement. According to the statement, politics had no influence on the company’s decision to sever ties with Robert Herring’s technology company OAN.

According to the firm, their agreement with OAN has been a standard business as usual carriage negotiation like those frequently occurring between content distribution and content producers. Typically, the discussions were centered on the economy, but OAN refused to accept reasonable conditions.

There are still some choices available to OAN. It’s still accessible online as a webcast that requires a membership. It also makes its programs available to free-to-air TV stations, which can broadcast a version known as OAN Plus on their digital subchannels.

The business launched its OAN Plus service in Pittsburgh on WOSD, which the Videohouse runs. A news statement states that more than 10 million television homes have access to the program.

However, OAN Plus’ ability to operate as a profitable over-the-air network would be hampered by its lack of advertising backing. Most of the revenue for well-known news networks like CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC comes from membership fees, which are usual for cable distribution.

The group OAN has been the most fervent backer of former president Donald Trump and his assertions that he was the victim of voter fraud in the 2020 election.

Voting technology firms Smartmatic and Dominion have filed a slander lawsuit against OAN, similar to those against Fox News and Newsmax. According to both businesses, guests and anchors who repeated Trump’s comments made assertions about their reputations.

Robert Herring discusses the future of the network HERE.