NYT Smears Trump Supporters, Claims They Would Have Cheered RBG’s Death At Rally

(JustPatriots.com)- An opinion piece published by the New York Times smeared Trump supporters recently, suggesting that the Trump campaign didn’t announce the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg during a rally over fears that people would cheer. In the opening paragraph of the piece, the unsourced claim said that President Donald Trump was five minutes into a campaign rally in Minnesota when the death of Ginsburg was announced.

The piece says that aides chose not to tell the president what had happened over fears he would announce the death to the crowd and that his supporters would cheer the death of the judge.

The author didn’t provide any sources for the claims, but simply referred to Trump aides. It opens up many questions about the claim, including whether those aides chose to speak to the New York Times (which seems highly unlikely) or that the author has a secret contact in the Trump campaign.

That also seems to be pretty unlikely.

If the New York Times did in fact speak to aides within the Trump campaign, why weren’t those aides quoted or referenced in the piece?

The Times still hasn’t made any corrections or clarifications in the piece, but later complained that  Trump supporters at an entirely differently rally chanted “fill that seat!” when the president referenced the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg and his duty to nominate a new judge. The left-wing newspaper argued that “cheers that would have looked unseemly one night were welcomed in another form a night later as the next rally crowd chanted, ‘Fill that seat!’”

In what way is “fill that seat” the same as cheering the death of an old woman?

President Donald Trump, when he was first informed about the death of Ginsburg, had nothing but positive things to say about her. A journalist informed the president about the passing of the legendary left-wing judge, and he responded by describing what an “amazing” woman she was.

“She was an amazing woman who led an amazing life,” he said. “I’m actually saddened to hear that. I am saddened to hear that. Thank you very much.”

Isn’t it incredible how the New York Times has perfected the ability to smear people over something they didn’t do?