NYT Launches “Probe” Of Tucker Carlson, Declaring Him Racist

(JustPatriots.com)- Over the weekend, the New York Times debuted a 3-part series on the Fox News Channel’s top-rated host Tucker Carlson all to smear him as a racist.

To “prove” it, the Times had a dozen reporters watch over a thousand episodes of Tucker’s show and concluded that Tucker stoked “white fear” for ratings, used the “culture wars” to divide, and is the heir apparent of the national populism that elected Trump in 2016.

The main writer of the series, Nick Confessore, concludes that Tucker Carlson used his top-rated show to weaponize his audience’s “fears and grievances” to create “the most racist show in the history of cable news.”

Just wait until Nick Confessore hears about Joy Reid.

The bloviating pearl-clutching is so laughably over-the-top (there are charts and graphs and everything), that it’s hard to take the 3-part article seriously.

On Sunday, Tucker Carlson’s response to the breathless nonsense was spot-on. He tweeted a picture of himself holding up Part One of the New York Times article and laughing.

The 3-part drivel is nothing but a smear campaign. The American corporate media’s role is no longer to hold the powerful to account. It is to act as gatekeepers protecting its monopoly on information. And Tucker Carlson is a threat to that monopoly, so he must be destroyed.

The New York Times’ gripe about Tucker isn’t that he hosts “the most racist show in the history of cable news.” It’s that Tucker hosts the most highly rated show in the history of cable news.

Confessore isn’t just smearing Tucker Carlson as a racist; he and the New York Times are assuring their faithful Leftist readers that all the people who tune in to watch “Tucker Carlson Tonight” are also racists.

If Nick Confessore was an actual journalist and not an activist, he would have taken the time and energy to find out why Tucker’s show resonates with so many Americans.

A recent survey found that Democrats make up a large segment of Tucker’s audience. It doesn’t take a team of reporters from the New York Times to figure out why.

Tucker Carlson exposes the divide between the ruling class and everybody else. He reveals, night after night, how America’s ruling class shows nothing but contempt for the rest of the country by demanding they shut up and do as they’re told.

And in its 3-part series, the New York Times proved his point.