NY Dems Turn On One Another Amid Migrant Crisis

New York City Mayor Eric Adams expressed concern regarding New York Gov. Kathy Hochul’s handling of the increasing number of migrants in the area. At a New York Law School event, Adams acknowledged their collaboration on issues such as subway safety and crime. However, he pointed out disagreements on the migrant issue, stating, “I believe the governor’s approach on this particular matter is not the right one. New York City is part of the state, and every county should be involved,” as cited by the New York Post.

Gov. Hochul previously held President Joe Biden’s administration responsible for the surge of asylum seekers at the southern border. Adams criticized the governor in response, mentioning, “The governor seems to be stepping back from her responsibilities to coordinate a comprehensive response to this situation, leaving other regions of New York to step up,” as per the Post’s report.

Hochul is discussing with the Biden administration the potential use of Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn as a housing solution for migrants.
The governor has consistently highlighted the state’s contributions to aid migrants, which include state aid, the mobilization of the National Guard, and providing legal assistance.

Additionally, she has reached out to President Biden, advocating for more resources and streamlined processes for asylum seekers to find employment. In response, the Biden administration recently sent a letter detailing recommendations for the city to enhance its approach to the migrant situation.

Current figures indicate New York City accommodates approximately 60,000 migrants, increasing steadily each week.

On August 9, Breitbart News reported that Gov. Hochul views the rising number of migrants positively, seeing them as potential contributors to various sectors of the state’s economy. In a recent press conference, Hochul stated, “Many have expressed their need for these individuals in various sectors, be it hotels in North Country Lake Placid, restaurants in Syracuse, or nursing homes on Long Island.”

However, Breitbart News also mentioned that the governor subsequently requested financial assistance from the Biden administration to provide migrants with employment opportunities, subsidized housing, medical care, and transportation.

Residents have expressed frustration with Mayor Adams regarding handling the migration situation, witnessing firsthand the challenges in their neighborhoods.

At a recent demonstration, a participant voiced their concerns to Adams: “As someone you represent, I urge you to send them either back to Washington, DC, or Mexico. Please be courageous and prioritize your local constituents. We rely on you!”