Nurse Student Sold Her Notes Online For $2,000,000

( ER nurse Stephanee Beggs is explaining how she created a multimillion-dollar online empire by selling study sheets on Etsy for people taking board exams for nursing.

Appearing on “Varney & Co.” on Fox Business last week, the 28-year-old ER nurse said her decision to sell her notes after graduating prompted her to come up with the idea to offer study sheets for sale to students preparing to take their board exams.

Beggs described her success as “very unintentional,” explaining that she “fell” into it while studying for her nursing board’s exam during the pandemic. She said she began recording her study sessions which she then posted on social media. Her following grew and eventually viewers were asking if they could purchase her study sheets.

So in June 2020, Beggs set up an online store on the Etsy website. In 2022, she earned $2 million selling study sheets both for people taking their board exams and for those in nursing school.

Beggs explained that she charges $2 for a single study sheet for one medical condition. She also sells them in “bundles” for “specific classes” that include around 50 to 60 different medical conductions and cost between $30 and $40. She said she also offers a massive bundle of notes that costs $150 and covers “pretty much all of nursing school.”

While Beggs continues to work as a nurse and an instructor, the staggering success of her online business, RNExplained, has grown into a full-time job.

In a recent interview with Insider, Beggs said she spends her day working 12-hour shifts in the ER and then returning home to make content. She said between her nursing, the online store, and her social media presence, she hasn’t had a true day off in the past two years.

This month, Beggs launched the RNExplained Teaching Series on YouTube, which she said is an extension of her nursing lessons.

Forbes named Beggs one of 2023’s “30 Under 30.”