Numbers Expose Joe Biden’s False Claims About Ghost Guns

( By now you’ve probably heard about President Joe Biden’s war on so-called “ghost guns” – a huge policy initiative that he believes will help reduce violent crime across the United States…while he completely ignores the violent crime committed by Antifa in major American cities and by criminal aliens pouring over the southern border.

It’s scandalous enough when viewed through that lens, but new data just revealed that these unregistered ghost guns aren’t the source of the violent crime problem Biden is talking about in the first place.

According to data from major American cities and the Department of Justice, ghost guns – which do not have serial numbers and are constructed by individual users from parts ordered online – are not used in a majority of crimes involving firearms in American cities.

A report from the Washington Times cited data from Chicago, where only 139 out of the 11,258 guns that were seized last year were ghost guns. That’s just 1.2%. While it does constitute a 93% increase over the 72 ghost guns that were seized by Chicago authorities in 2019, it’s still a tiny minority of guns being used in the city.

Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot began blaming neighboring states with “no gun control” in July of last year when violent crime spiked and the murder rate rocketed.

Over in Philadelphia, police officers reportedly seized 95 ghost guns in 2019, just 2.2% of the 4,264 guns that were confiscated that year. It was an increase over the 13 ghost guns seized in 2018, but these weapons are still by no means the most common problem on the streets and the biggest issue with regards to violent crime.

The Justice Department also found in 2019 that 43% of criminals who use weapons purchased them via the black market, and none made their weapons at home.

The shocking report completely destroys President Biden’s argument on ghost guns and leaves us wondering…what planet does he live on?