North Korea Fires Missiles

( Remember when President Donald Trump became the first sitting president to enter North Korea and facilitated historic peace talks with North Korea? Well, those days are very much over, and the Washington Post reported on Tuesday that the communist nation is threatening President Joe Biden by firing several short-range ballistic missiles over the last weekend.

The shocking display of military might from North Korea comes after the nation criticized the United States and South Korea for engaging in joint military exercises along its southern border.

Reuters cited unnamed officials who said that two missiles were fired, and the Pentagon has yet to offer any comment on the development.

North Korea also didn’t make an announcement about the missile tests, which is one of the most unusual parts of this story. Typically the country announces when tests are taking place as part of propaganda efforts to display the nation’s might to the rest of the world and its citizens.

U.S. intelligence officials outside the country discovered the tests.

And, according to the most recent satellite images, North Korea is reportedly increasing activity at the Yongbyon nuclear research facility – which could mean nuclear weapons are well on the way to being developed.

The firing of the North Korean missiles has not come as a surprise. Intelligence officials have been expecting them for several weeks, with dictator Kim Jong Un repeatedly warning President Joe Biden to refrain from threatening the country.

Kim Yo Jong, the sister of Kim Jong Un, also warned the United States earlier this month to “refrain from causing a stink.”

The new Biden administration has yet to figure out a strategy on how to deal with North Korea. Former President Donald Trump led the way in peace talks and was expecting to re-enter negotiations during a second administration, but with Biden back in the White House, the United States could see a return to Obama-era negotiations with North Korea…which were practically non-existent.

Biden’s White House told Reuters that they had attempted to reach out to North Korea back in February, but that they did not receive a response.

Kim Jong Un is currently preparing his nation for a five-year economic push designed to increase its self-sufficiency after some 99% of trade with neighboring China was shut down amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The economic push may keep the country distracted for a significant portion of Biden’s first year in office.