North Carolina Won’t Finish Counting Until November 12…OR LATER!

( Reports suggest that North Carolina will not stop counting votes until November 12, or potentially later. It comes as the results continue to roll out for the presidential election, and President Donald Trump’s campaign initiates several lawsuits to challenge declarations of victory made by the Biden campaign.

North Carolina is set to only begin counting the 117,000 outstanding mail-in ballots by mid-November, and it could take several days.

According to a Greensboro, North Carolina Fox affiliate, state officials said it’s unlikely we will see any changes to totals until next week.

“North Carolina State Board of Elections Director Karen Brinson Bell said election results will not change until Nov. 12 or 13 when all mail-in ballots are received and counted by each county,” the outlet reported. “Bell said the winners of the presidential and Senate races won’t be known until then.”

During possibly the most contentious election in recent history, these huge delays are contributing to a climate of skepticism and even fear that the election might have been rigged, or that election fraud may have been rife.

CNBC reported that there will be “very few exceptions” to the rule.

During a public meeting, election officials said that they expect the results of the election to stay mostly the same for the next week, given that most county election boards have not started counting absentee and provisional ballots and will not do so until they hold scheduled meetings. Those meetings also cannot be moved sooner, legally, even if the election officials wanted to.

The results of the presidential election are still unknown, with several battleground states, including Georgia and Pennsylvania, still too close to call. President Donald Trump’s campaign filed lawsuits in these states to allow people into the counts to analyze ballots being counted.