NM Governor Fires Back After Sheriff Defies Unconstitutional Order

According to a report, Democrat New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham replied to Monday’s news conference by Bernalillo County Sheriff John Allen by saying she does not need a sheriff to teach her about constitutionality.

During his news conference, Allen reportedly made it plain that he and his deputies would not be enforcing Grisham’s prohibition on open and concealed carry of weapons. The prohibition was “unconstitutional,” he said.

In a video posted by local media, Allen said he would never compromise on what is right. When he swears an oath, he means it.

Allen said Grisham’s prohibition was illegal and that it challenged the very principles of our Constitution.

Grisham said she didn’t need constitutional advice from Sheriff Allen in response to his remarks. She wanted action.

Grisham knows her ban on gun carry in areas like Albuquerque wouldn’t affect criminals.

Local media questioned Grisham whether she thought criminals would get the message and stop carrying guns on the streets of Albuquerque for 30 days.

Grisham reacted by saying, “Uh… No.”

According to reports, last Wednesday, Joe Biden’s appointment to the U.S. District Court, David Herrera Urias, granted a temporary order of protection blocking the concealed carry prohibition signed by the Democrat New Mexico Governor.

Urias granted a temporary restraining order against the prohibition in a case filed by Gun Owners of America and other plaintiffs, including the New Mexico Shooting Sports Foundation, the Gun Owners Foundation, and the National Association for Gun Rights.

Urias said the temporary restraining order will remain in effect until the Court has resolved on the Plaintiffs’ requests for preliminary injunction, after the hearing during which each party shall have the chance to offer additional argument to this Court,

The court stated that the preliminary injunction hearing had been scheduled for October 3, 2023.