Nikki Haley Abandoned By Top Donors

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley’s bid for the presidency has hit a roadblock as donors withdraw their financial support following her defeat to former President Donald Trump in New Hampshire. Trump emerged victorious in the primary, securing 54.3 percent of the votes compared to Haley’s 43.3 percent. This loss comes just after Haley came in third in the Iowa caucus.

Metal magnate Andy Sabin and billionaire Reid Hoffman are among the donors who have decided to halt their contributions to Haley’s campaign. Other donors are also reconsidering their support. Mike Dennehy, a veteran New Hampshire GOP strategist, stated that these high-level GOP donors recognize that Haley’s chances of winning the nomination are slim after her loss in New Hampshire.

Hoffman, a major Democratic donor who initially believed Haley had the best chance of defeating Trump, has no longer chosen not to donate to her campaign. He had previously donated $250,000 to SFA Fund Inc., the super PAC supporting Haley’s 2024 bid. Sabin, who helped South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, has also confirmed that he will not support Haley’s campaign financially. However, he expressed his willingness to support Trump instead.

Contrary to the skepticism from donors, Haley’s campaign remains optimistic about her prospects. Despite losing to Trump, she received over $1 million in donations from small-dollar contributors within 24 hours of her speech in New Hampshire. The campaign spokesperson, AnnMarie Graham-Barnes, emphasized that Haley’s momentum is accurate, and she is determined to win.

Puck News has revealed that crucial GOP financiers are planning to meet at two forthcoming conferences to evaluate their ongoing financial backing of Haley. The Koch network is set to hold a meeting in California, which will be succeeded by a summit organized by the American Opportunity Alliance in Florida. Prominent billionaires like Paul Singer and Ken Griffith are anticipated to be present. Furthermore, Kathy Crow, married to American Opportunity Alliance’s Harlan Crow, is organizing a gathering for affluent women under the auspices of Haley’s campaign.

Despite the challenges, Haley remains committed to the race. She assured her supporters that the competition was far from over and that she would continue campaigning, particularly in her home state of South Carolina. However, recent polls indicate that Trump leads Haley by a significant margin of 52 percent to nearly 22 percent in the state’s primary.

As the race for the Republican nomination progresses, it remains to be seen how Haley will navigate the loss of donor support and the formidable challenge posed by Donald Trump.