New York Times Retracts False Claim

( We reported recently how The New York Times was issued a legal threat by satirical news website The Babylon Bee over their false reporting that suggested the Bee was promoting “misinformation.”

Well, if you thought The New York Times was dumb enough to ignore the threat and let the issue go to court, you might be surprised to learn that the far-left news outlet has actually caved and admitted they were in the wrong.

In March, the Babylon Bee was censored by Facebook. It prompted a story by The New York Times which claimed that the Bee was a “far-right misinformation site” and claimed that it promoted misinformation under the “guise of satire.”

Here is the original, defamatory piece:

Seth Dillon, the CEO of the Babylon Bee, recently demanded a retraction, and they got it. The Times first changed the article to claim that the website had been accused by Snopes of promoting misinformation, but failed to acknowledge that even Snopes had retracted the false claims.

Now, though, The New York Times has accepted fault.

Dillon made the announcement on Twitter, sharing the contents of an email from Dana Green, senior counsel for The New York Times, admitting fault.

“We have carefully reviewed the concerns raised in your letter and, in response to those concerns, we have removed the reference to the Babylon Bee from the article and appended a correction,” the email says.

It’s a huge victory for the Babylon Bee, but also for common sense and fair reporting.

Dillon celebrated the victory, stating that The New York Times used misinformation to smear the Babylon Bee.

“We don’t have to take this nonsense lying down. Remember that,” Dillon said.