New York Judge Orders Partial Recount (REPORT)

( Amidst ongoing legal battles to ensure the 2020 presidential election isn’t compromised by fraud, a New York judge this week ordered a partial recount in a House of Representatives race with a tiny margin of victory of just 12 votes.

The state’s Supreme Court Justice Scott DelConte, who is a Democrat, ordered that eight counties in New York’s 22nd Congressional District, conduct a recount to ensure that right winner was chosen.

The Boards of Elections in each of the counties that they must “fulfil their statutory canvassing duties” and “immediately correct all of the canvassing errors.” Where errors cannot be corrected, the ballots were ordered to be recanvassed.

The ruling benefits the Democrat incumbent who appears to have lost the vote. Rep. Anthony Brindisi pushed for the recount, arguing that the unofficial count wasn’t justified owing to some ballots not being counted. The Republican challenger who appears to have won, however, pushed for the judge to go ahead and certify the vote.

It would have cemented a Republican victory in New York – no mean feat, these days – in one of the smallest margins of victory in recent history.

Republican candidate Claudia Tenney, however, will now have to wait days or even weeks to find out if she really has won the seat.

Judge DelConte said that there was an “Incredible number” of uncounted ballots, including 67 ballots from Chenango County, where at least 55 were found uncounted and left in a drawer in a Board of Elections office.

Ballots left in a drawer…and the Democrats want us to believe that fraud isn’t possible in a national election?

The judge added that it is the role of the court to enforce the law and protect the rights of voters, while also maintaining confidence in the electoral process.

Doesn’t that sound exactly like what the Republicans are pushing for nationally, and which the Democrats continue to oppose?

“Fundamentally, election integrity requires two things: uniformity and transparency. Accordingly, the only proper result here is to remand all of the challenged and uncanvassed ballots back to the Boards of Elections with specific orders directing the boards to publicly correct their errors and fulfill their statutory duties by properly canvassing—or, where necessary, recanvassing—each and every single ballot,” he added.

If the election turns out to be inaccurate, and the Democrat incumbent maintains his seat, doesn’t that just prove that President Trump has a case when he says his presidency was stolen from him in a compromised election?

Or will the Democrats just gloss over that?