New Undoctored Footage Of Josh Hawley During January 6th Released 

( When the famous clip of Josh Hawley running out of the senate chambers was first shown by leftist politicians, they framed it as if Hawley was a coward.  

But now, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Missouri) may be seen in an entirely new light now that the newly released video has been released to the public. 

Hawley is seen leaving the Senate building but is in the company of colleagues as the disturbance begins on January 6, contradicting the edited footage shown during the committee hearing on January 6 that he was a lone coward. The new footage shows Hawley was the last to leave and is closest to the perceived danger. 

The edited clip at the January 6th hearing showed Mr. Hawley leaving the Capitol Building alone. Hawley is seen leaving a meeting with his employees in a longer video presented by Fox News anchor and Daily Caller founder Tucker Carlson. 

Members of the committee and audience members alike could be heard roaring with laughter when Democratic Congresswoman Elaine Luria played it for them. Luria only showed the part of the footage in which Hawley ran away by himself. She said that before the incident broke out, Hawley had been seen shaking his fist at a crowd gathering outside the capital’s security gates. 

The communications director for Hawley, Abigail Marone, tweeted a note that the ‘producers’ that the clowns of the Jan 6 committee recruited knew they were lying to the American public when they created the edited clip. 

To target political adversarie like Josh Hawley, the January 6 committee used a video that was taken out of context and to which they had access. They were also rather proud of it and said as much. 

“The American people ought to have been given the complete context from the outset,” Marone added.  

She said, sarcastically, that instead, the people were given a Democrat Party commercial that was funded by public tax dollars.