New Reports Make Jeffrey Epstein Murder Appear Plausible

( In an audio report published by The Spectator, it was claimed that the brother of Ghislaine Maxwell believes that his sister thinks that her former partner – dead millionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein – was murdered while in prison.

Ian Maxwell said that his sister, a divorced socialite who is standing trial and is accused of assisting Epstein in recruiting and supplying young women and children for him to sexually abuse, is prone to “conspiracy” theories.

The audio report was a 24-minute interview with Ian Maxwell, and during the conversation he also said that his sister believed that their father was murdered.

But regardless of what happened to their father…it’s not a crazy idea to think that Epstein was killed, is it? Hugely influential and unimaginable wealth, Epstein has an incredible amount of influence and knew virtually all major celebrities, businessmen, and global influencers. His death was clouded with mystery, having somehow managed to hang himself despite being on suicide watch and under observation 24 hours per day in prison.

“It so happens one of the conspiracy theories about my father is that he was murdered rather than committed suicide or died by accident,” Maxwell told Freddy Gray.

“Of all my siblings, Ghislaine is the only one who happens to believe he was murdered. I would venture to think that she also thinks that Epstein was murdered,” he added.

Maxwell hasn’t spoken to his sister in person in almost three years, but often communicated with her via her lawyers as she goes through her court trial. He claims that the case isn’t really against her, but more of a case “against Jeffrey Epstein that’s been reverse engineered post his death against my sister.”

Did he miss the part about his sister working closely with Epstein for decades and standing accused of helping him sexually abuse his victims?

Listen to the interview here.