New Poll Shows More People Want BLM Riot Investigation Than January 6th Investigation

( Far-left Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is storming ahead with her controversial plan to establish a committee to “investigate” the January 6 protests in Washington, D.C., even as a new poll shows that a large majority of Americans would rather see Congress focus their efforts on investigating the widespread violence that hit American cities in 2020.

You know…the violence caused by Black Lives Matter and Antifa?

House Speaker Pelosi recently rejected, for the first time, the Republican Party’s picks for members of the House to sit on her committee, opting to choose anti-Trump Republicans instead. But a Rasmussen Reports poll shows that 66% of Americans would rather see Antifa and BLM riots investigated by Congress.

Only 49% of respondents said that they support Pelosi’s plan to “investigate” the January 6 riots, which have been described by Republicans including Senator Marco Rubio as a “partisan tool” to smear Republicans. Interestingly, a majority of Black and Hispanic Americans also said that they would like to see an investigation into the 2020 riots that caused as much as $2 billion in damage.

Any Democrat hoping that people will simply forget about the extreme violence and arson inflicted n America by left-wing extremists last year is bound to be disappointed by this development.

67% of White Americans, 66% of Hispanic Americans, 64% of Black Americans, and 62% of other minorities believe that Congress should use its time to investigate the riots of 2020, Rasmussen Reports confirmed in its latest report. It found that 75% of Republicans believe in investigating the riots, and even 60% of Democrats want an investigation into 2020 riots too.

There’s a lot to investigate, too. From the burning down Kenosha’s Black Business District to the deaths of innocent people, Congress could ultimately prove whether this violence was committed in the name of Democrat ideals or Republican ideals…though we already know the answer to that one.

And we already know House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has no intention of investigating the riots either…