New Poll Shows GOP Might Win Blue State Of Colorado

( A new poll shows how Eli Bremer, a first-time Republican candidate for the United States Senate and a former Olympic athlete, could be on his way to victory in the 2022 midterm elections.

A poll from the Bremer campaign, which was released via the Colorado Politics site, shows that he is “within striking distance” of incumbent democratic Senator for Colorado, Michael Bennet.

It’s a sign that the tide is turning against the Democrats even in blue states, as President Joe Biden’s disastrous handling of the economy, border, and COVID turns voters off from the Democratic party.

The poll, performed by GOP pollster co/efficient, shows Bremer with 32% support among respondents compared to Bennet’s 40%.

Ryan Munce, the President of co/efficient, said that Bremer’s “recently launched campaign” is now in “striking distance of an incumbent with lackluster support.”

He added that the “Democrat brand” in Colorado is rapidly losing value among independent voters, as it is across the rest of the country.

That’s important when independents often decide the results of elections like this.

The poll asked 742 likely Colorado voters between September 9 and 12 how they intended to vote. The partisan distribution reflected the turnout in the last Colorado midterm elections, which was 33% Republican, 36% Democrat, and 26% unaffiliated. 4% belonged to minor parties.

It’s an indication that the Republicans could be on track to make historic gains in the House and Senate. With a year to go, Bremer has an opportunity to make his case to voters who may grow increasingly tired with the status quo under the Biden administration.

This first-time Republican candidate could be one of the Republicans flipping the House and stripping power from Chuck Schumer.