New Poll Reveals Whopping 58% OF Americans Think Leftist Media “Enemy Of The People”

( On Friday, Rasmussen Reports released its latest poll on Americans’ trust in the media specifically asking respondents if they agreed with President Trump’s assessment that the news media are “truly the enemy of the people.”

The survey of one thousand likely voters, conducted on July 7 and 8, found that a total of 58 percent of respondents agreed with the statement – 34 percent who “strongly agree” and 24 percent who “somewhat agree.”

Thirty-six percent of respondents didn’t agree (13 percent “somewhat” and 23 percent “strongly”).

Only six percent said they were unsure.

Among conservatives, the sentiment was shared by 81 percent of respondents – with 56 percent strongly agreeing and 25 somewhat agreeing.

Interestingly, 15 percent of conservatives do not agree that the media is the enemy of the people. Seven percent of whom “strongly disagree.” Who knew there were that many members of the Lincoln Project?

Naturally, those who identify as Liberal weren’t on board. Sixty-eight percent of Liberals disagreed with the statement – 54 percent “strongly disagree” and another 14 percent who “somewhat disagree.”

But there were even Liberals who believe the news media is the enemy of the people. A total of 30 percent agreed with Trump’s statement (11 percent “strongly” and 19 percent “somewhat”).

The divide is also found along party lines. Seventy-six percent of Republicans agree (54 percent “strongly” and 22 percent “somewhat”).

But more Democrats than “Liberals” are with President Trump on the issue with 37 percent of Democrats saying they agree (17 percent “strongly” and 20 percent “somewhat”).

The Rasmussen survey also asked “How serious of a problem is ‘fake news’ in the media?”

Eighty-three percent of likely voters said it was either “very serious” (55 percent) or “somewhat serious” (28 percent).

While the largest percentage that agreed with that statement came from Conservatives (91 percent), even 73 percent of self-identified “Liberals” also believe fake news is a problem.

Finally, the survey asked: “Do you trust the political news you are getting?”

Only 37 percent of respondents answered yes. Forty-three percent said no. And 20 percent were not sure.

This broke down to 61 percent of Conservatives and only 19 percent of Liberals who say they don’t trust the political news.