New Mexico Plunged Into NEW Lockdown As Dem Governor Order Residents To STAY AT HOME For Two Weeks

( Democratic Governor of New Mexico, Michelle Lynn Lujan Grisham, last week ordered residents of her state to stay at home for the next two weeks. The fresh lockdown order requires all businesses that she and her Democratic colleagues deem to be “non-essential” to remain closed for these two weeks, putting thousands of businesses across the state in danger of closing permanently.

Grisham, who pushed for the new lockdown, said that it would start on November 16 and is designed to reduce the spread of the virus in her state…even though COVID-19 Task Force member Dr. Anthony Fauci has already recommended against new lockdowns.

“We are in a life-or-death situation, and if we don’t act right now, we cannot preserve the lives, we can’t keep saving lives, and we will absolutely crush our current health care system and infrastructure,” the Democratic governor said.

That means New Mexico residents will have no access to gyms, hair salons, or spas for two whole weeks. Meanwhile, businesses forced to close and the employees impacted by those closures will still receive no new help from Congress, thanks to Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to work with the Republicans on issuing new COVID-19 relief.

It comes as Chicago begins a similar order. On Thursday, Chicago’s Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot told the people in her city to give up their Thanksgiving plans and stay at home.

Wasn’t it very brave of the Democrats to issue the stay-at-home orders immediately after the election?

Meanwhile, experts now agree that lockdowns are not the main way that people and politicians should be driving down the spread of the virus. Dr. Anthony Fauci said recently that there was “no appetite” for new lockdowns in the United States, and that people should do what they can do socially distance and wear masks instead.

Speaking to Good Morning America about lockdowns, Fauci said that you “don’t have to take that step that people are trying to avoid.”

“I believe that we can do it without a lockdown, I really do,” he said about driving down the virus. “The best opposite strategy to locking down is to intensify the public-health measures shot of locking down. So if you can do that well, you don’t have to take that step that people are trying to avoid, which has so many implications both psychologically and economically.”

So if Dr. Fauci is saying it’s unnecessary, why are Democratic governors so intent on ruining Thanksgiving?