New Loophole Will Reportedly Help Chinese Spys Enter America

( President Joe Biden’s new online asylum system is an “open invitation for Chinese spies,” alleges Oklahoma Republican Senator James Lankford. Lankford, a member of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, said that this system would open up the county’s immigration to virtually everyone.

Biden’s catch-and-release policies currently allow asylum seekers to be released into the interior of the country while awaiting their court date. His new online system would welcome anyone from any country to apply for asylum, which is not what the American system was designed to do, according to Lankford speaking to Just the News.

Under the new system where anyone can request asylum from their computer, Lankford says that anyone who claims to have a “credible” fear can fly into the country and stay here for eight year while they await their court date. “This is an open invitation for Chinese spies to be able to come into the country, Lankford tells the reporter. “It’s an open invitation for everyone to come from Yemen, to say it’s a war-torn country.

Lankford claimed that the Biden administration does not want to stop illegal immigration but wants to facilitate it.

“It is clear this administration not only doesn’t want to stop illegal immigration, they’re trying to accelerate this,” he said. “They’re not working to stop it. They’re working to make it more efficient.”

Lankford also reportedly brought up the fact that Americans are not focused on immigration anymore because the outlets don’t report it, but illegal immigration is still ongoing. Just last month, smugglers were guiding a group of illegals into Eagle Pass, Texas from the border, Western Journal reports.

Since 2021, there have been an estimated 2 million border apprehensions. In the last 16 months since Biden took over, an estimated 1.35 million illegal immigrants have reportedly settled in the U.S. Since his inauguration, the foreign-born population has grown by 132,000 a month and illegal immigrants account for two-thirds of the country’s foreign-born population.

The immigration issue comes at the helm of an increase in Chinese investment in U.S. farmland. The FBI recently confirmed that reports of Chinese espionage was linked to Huawei, a telecommunications company, that was discovered placing “equipment capable of disrupting military communications overseeing U.S. nuclear weapons,” according to Just the News.