Netanyahu Demands Hamas Terrorists Surrender

Terrorists from Hamas who are still battling the IDF, hiding underground, or holding Israeli captives have received a message from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu- surrender now.

There should be no sacrifice of the surviving rebels for Yahya Sinwar, the commander of Hamas in Gaza, according to Netanyahu’s statement.

In addition, Israel made public a video in which Yousef al-Mansi, a former minister of media for Hamas, blames Sinwar for starting the war.

Images and videos showing the mass arrest of men in their underpants surfaced online, prompting Israel to announce on Friday that a significant number of Hamas militants had been surrendering. On top of a stack of other weapons, a guy was seen in one camera setting down a rifle.

According to Israel’s Army Radio, 40 out of 100 individuals detained in Khan Younis were suspected of being terrorists. Everyone else was freed once it was determined they were only civilians.

Amid the uproar over their dissemination, IDF spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said on Sunday that the images and films had been circulated unauthorizedly. He justified strip searches by saying they were necessary to prevent Palestinian terrorists—who often wore explosive suicide belts—from escaping.

National security minister Tzachi Hanegbi offered a somewhat different account of events, stating that the photos had been taken with the military’s approval, but he also promised to stop them.

After footage of a soldier damaging a Gaza business surfaced, Hagari said that Israel would punish any infractions by its troops.

Meanwhile, in southern Lebanon, hostilities between Israel and Hezbollah escalated on the northern front. A Hezbollah drone evaded the Iron Dome system, wounding six Israeli troops; Israel then attacked other Hezbollah strongholds.

Israel has consistently refused to attack Hezbollah unless provoked; it is undeniable that Hezbollah opened fire on both sides; furthermore, it violates Resolution 1707 of the United Nations Security Council, which prohibits it from the land south of the Litani River to the Israeli border.