Nearly One-THIRD of Democrats Say Mass Immigration a “Major Threat” to America

(PatrioticPost.Com)- A new survey from Pew Research Center confirmed what most people already knew anyway; that most Americans believe uncontrolled immigration is harmful to the country.

More than eight-in-ten Americans, according to the new survey, said that mass immigration into the country poses a “threat” to the people and economy. A vast majority of Americans, therefore, agree with President Trump and not with the most radical Democrats who advocate open borders and no border wall.

According to the study, 42% of Americans consider large-scale immigration a “major threat” to the United States, and a further 39% of people consider it a “minor threat.” Fewer than 20% of Americans said that mass immigration poses no threat at all.

When split into Republicans and Democrats, the responses get interesting. Six-in-ten Republicans say that mass immigration poses a “major threat” to the United States. Comparatively, just 29% of Democrats believe mass immigration poses the same threat.

While it’s a smaller number, however, it does still show that almost a third of Democrats agree more with Donald Trump’s policies on immigration than presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. During the primary debates, every single Democratic presidential candidate said that they supported immigration and even believed illegal immigrants should be given free healthcare.

Would that 29 % of Democrat voters support those measures? Probably not.

The data shows that most Americans believe border security is a key issue right now, but it also shows that the Democrats could have a problem on their hands when it comes to policy pledges this time around. The COVID-19 outbreak means that people are more aware of the possibility of spreading disease by opening up the borders too quickly, and are also aware of the huge unemployment crisis the country is facing as a result of businesses being forced to shut down.

Will Democrats still be on board with open borders policies if tens of millions of Americans are still without work when it comes to the November elections?

Probably not. Another poll, this time by Ipsos, showed that around eight-in-ten Americans believe a total pause on immigration to the United States should be implemented to help Americans get back to work.