NATO Official Denies Accusations Of Assault

After drinking at a fancy-dressed party in Germany last July, wing commander Jolyon Goodwin allegedly tried to kiss a Scandinavian officer.

According to the NATO air chief, he does not indulge in such activity even with his wife; thus, the charges of inappropriate behavior with an Army captain are baseless.

Goodwin said the advance wasn’t sexual and was shocked when he was told to “f*** off” in such strong language.

The RAF chief said that the woman was staring at him intently. This led him to suspect she was attempting to plant one on him.

With everything going on, with her right in his face, he thought, “OK, mwah.”

When she asked what he had just done, he became remorseful and said he was sorry, and It was only a moment of foolishness. Although the “mwah- kiss” was squarely on the lips, It was the kind of kiss you’d give to a close friend’s wife. He said the accusatory notion that he inserted his tongue down her throat was not valid. He said he doesn’t even do that with his wife.

At the event, held in the Kaiserslautern football stadium, Goodwin, of the Allied Air Command in Ramstein, reported drinking shots and beers, dancing with many officers, and engaging in a lightsaber war.

He spoke of his kiss with the police officer, who was 22 years his junior. He insisted that he was innocent and that she had misread the situation and had a flawed understanding of her values.
According to the Army officer, Goodwin sprang on her in the dining hall.

According to her, he inserted his tongue inside her mouth, and the kiss wasn’t reciprocal on her part. She said she resisted his advances and shoved him away.

Goodwin, the head of an electronics warfare team, was questioned by a superior commander about his actions.

“F***ing hell,” he exclaimed in response, “I get like this when I am drinking.” I must stop right now. My life is in shambles right now.

He insists he is innocent of sexual assault.

Today is expected to be the last day of the court martial trial.