Nancy Pelosi Wants Clarence Thomas To Stand Down

( House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went on the attack Thursday, saying that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas should ultimately recuse himself from any decisions that are related to the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021.

Her comments were due to the fact that it’s been revealed that Thomas’ wife, Virginia, sent a barrage of text messages before, during and after the riot encouraging the White House to do everything it could to prevent President Joe Biden from ultimately taking office.

Pelosi made these comments during a pre-recorded interview that went live on the air on SiriusXM Thursday. During the interview, she said of Thomas:

“He should be recusing himself from every decision that relates to January 6. It’s up to him, and he should have better judgment as a justice of the Supreme Court.”

Pelosi has been saying this same thing ever since back in March, when text messages that were sent between Thomas’ wife, Ginni Thomas, and Mark Meadows — the White House chief of staff under former President Donald Trump — came to light. Those messages show that Ginni Thomas was urging Meadows to search for new ways to ensure that Trump won re-election in 2020.

In her own comments, Pelosi has been careful to demand that Thomas recuse himself from any cases that come before the Supreme Court. She has continually referred to the fact that there are standards for recusals that make them a personal decision by those involved.

What the Speaker of the House did say, though, is that Thomas should carefully weigh this personal decision about whether he should recuse himself. She explained:

“If your wife is an admitted and proud contributor to a coup for our country, maybe you should weight that in your ethical standards.”

While saying this, Pelosi added that she believed that the Supreme Court needs to have a code of ethics in place for its justices, which it currently does not have.

Back in March, she said of the Supreme Court:

“They have no code of ethics. And — really? It’s the Supreme Court of the United States. They’re making judgments about the air we breathe and everything else, and we don’t even know what their ethical standard is.”

Pelosi’s interview aired on the same day that the House’s special committee investigating January 6 held what will likely be its final public hearing. It was expected that the committee might use information that it collected as part of a recent interview with Ginni Thomas.

That never happened, though, as they kept that information out of the hearing altogether, for one reason or another. It was a curious decision, especially considering new information has come to light that Ginni Thomas contacted some lawmakers in Wisconsin and Arizona, two swing states in the 2020 presidential election where the results of the election were very close.

That’s in addition to the text messages she exchanged with Meadows.